Courses and Therapy for Couples

I am a curious explorer of love, passion and relationships for over twenty years, and know that more so than any of our relationships, the relationship we have with our partner is fertile ground for emotional development and transformation. A couple’s relationship is not a finished product. It is a continuous process of devoting energy and resources in order to develop intimacy, close communication, passion and anything else the couple places emphasis on

In the framework of workshops, courses and therapy sessions, I offer a wide toolbox of skills and tools for couples stumbling upon challenges in their relationship or wish to renew and revive their relationship.

In this couples workshop, we will focus on several areas of passion “kindling”, which we will practice during the workshop.

The course refers to the challenges that arise in opening the relationship and provides keys for addressing the challenges that pop up along the way.

The therapy sessions are a roadside stop, an opportunity to dust yourself off and continue with a shared and more loving step.

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שלחו הודעה לווטסאפ של שחר כספי
שלחו הודעה לווטסאפ של שחר כספי
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