I am Shachar Caspi and I facilitate and teach relationship development and transformation, in order to create attentive, connected and strong leadership.

I started my journey about 15 years ago, when I went on vacation in Thailand. I was an officer back then, a combat team commander in the permanent army service, in the air force Shaldag Commando Unit. I was just moments away from entering a long service program. During the vacation I realized I didn’t want to fight in the army anymore. I was discharged from the army, and embarked on a totally different life than the one I had planned, without knowing what would happen next. 

At the age of 29, I reconnected with my emotions, and embarked on a journey. Until then, my emotional space was relatively blocked, such that its best strategy was to repress and ignore. But then, when I was 29 years old and the owner of a restaurant and coffee shop chain in Kosovo – I went through a painful breakup from my partner. I found myself in great pain and lacking the tools I needed to cope with it. Following the advice of a friend, I took a long vacation from work, during which I decided to hop on a plane to Guatemala, for a long retreat which included silence and seclusion. And so, the greatest crisis I  experienced turned out to be an opportunity to discover who I really am. After 40 days of silence, seclusion and soul searching, I suddenly realized – the heart is no longer in tremendous pain. I observed how the safe space I provided myself with became a transformative tool for dealing with the pain. The retreat continued in other forms and turned into a two-year journey in which I learned from teachers and mentors about increasing actual presence in my life, and creating a safe emotional space for myself and others.  My teacher, Chati, guided me to keep walking this road and unravel and distill the essence that aspires to be conveyed through me. 

After my return to Israel, I continued my journey, studying and learning the body and mind. I wanted to ground the insights I have learned throughout my journey via mindfulness and body based psychotherapy studies in Hakomi Institute, specializing in resourcing and trauma therapy. This journey is not over. The process of learning only deepens, and my teaching right along with it. I explore and research love, vulnerability, truth and depth on a daily basis, and so my learning process continues to develop and expand, in Israel and abroad, to further fields and spaces (see my extended list of inspiration sources and learning sources).

Today, I dedicate my work and activity to facilitation and training in relationship development and transformation. I offer my teaching to different and diverse groups – from business teams and organizations that want to bring the language of connected and attentive leadership into their everyday lives, to therapists and group facilitators who wish to strengthen their facilitating abilities in the field of embodiment, groups that want to experience tribal ceremonies, as well as couples that wish to enhance the communication and openness in their relationship.

I understand now that the most generous quality I bring to every meeting or session, whether it be couples therapy, a workshop in an organization, or a group facilitator course – is holding the space. I teach people how to hold a safe, honest and brave space for themselves and for all other relationships in their lives.

My Inspiration and Teaching Sources

  • Physical psychotherapy in the Hakomi Method – I am a graduate of a mindfulness & body based psychotherapy program in Hakomi Institute, Israel. I studied with Dr. Ido Semion, and after my graduation, I continued as an assistant for another two years in the training program. During my studies in Hakomi, I specialized in the study of RCS Resourcing (Eisenman John, Manager and Senior Teacher in Hakomi Institute, California) and Trauma Therapy (Manuella Michka Reeds, Founder and Co-Manager of Hakomi Institute, California). 
  • Shamanism and tribal medicine, New Zealand
  • Study of silence, meditation, seclusion and lucid dreaming in Las Permidas Del Ca, San Marcos, Atitlan Lake
  • Home of Shamanic Studies, Ometz, Israel
  • Annual rebirthing and conscious breathing course
  • Annual coaching course in Toot School, led by Alon Gal

Interviews and podcasts with Shachar Caspi

What will you learn with me?

We learn a great deal of tools and wisdom in development workshop-spaces, get a taste of them: 


I shine simply by being, and I am not self centered


Truth is rooted in experience, not in knowledge


Sensation of fullness enables coping

Loving Presence

Connection to myself, to the other, and to whatever is in between us


Integration enables return of the split parts to the whole


A resource is a path at the end of which we arrive at the essence


An open heart is anchored in pain


Any resistance is opportunity for development


Breathing alters our being


If you are going to choose a story for yourself, make it a good one


Support precedes movement


Vulnerability connects to essence
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