“Shahar Caspi” website The art of holding the space” aims to provide a maximum user experience for the general public, including the public with disabilities, we invested a lot of effort in order to enable, facilitate and optimize the use of the site with an emphasis on the needs of this public. The accessibility adjustments on the website were made in accordance with Regulation 35 of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (service accessibility adjustments) 2013, to the Israeli standard TI 5568 based on the 2.0 WCAG level AA guidelines and subject to the changes and adjustments made in the Israeli standard document. The accessibility compatibility was tested in the leading browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox in the latest versions, including the use of assistive technologies of the screen reader type (NVDA).

The site was accessed as follows:

  1. Adapting the website to all types of platforms – mobile, tablets and desktops.
  2. Adjusting the website in terms of keyboard use only.
  3. Adapting the site to people with partial or total visual impairment.
  4. ARIA rules have been implemented that help to interpret the site’s content in a more accurate and better way.
  5. We have added textual description to images and icons for assistive technologies.
  6. To navigate the website using the keyboard, use the Tab button. Each click on it will take you to the next link. Pressing Shift + Tab will return you to the previous link. Changing the font size is done using the keyboard, to increase the font press the ctrl + keys, to decrease the font press the ctrl – keys

Did you encounter a problem? Tell us!

We try to keep and maintain the site at the best level. If you find and / or encounter difficulties browsing the site, do not hesitate to report to us using the contact form .

The accessibility statement was last updated on 11/21/2023

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