Cacao is known for its healing properties, for both body and mind. For thousands of years, Shamans from Central America would produce the cacao drink from the beans of the cacao tree, which grows in the Andes area, in order to connect with the spirit and higher consciousness realm. 

Shachar was first acquainted with the cacao in Guatemala, in 2010, when he stayed with the Mayan people. There he underwent intense mentoring with the cacao, which connected him with the emotional spaces in a deeper, barer, vulnerable and present way. Since then, cacao has been accompanying Shachar on his personal journey and in the journeys of patients, students, and training participants.

The Healing Properties of Cacao:

In Greek, cacao is called Theobroma – food of the Gods, and due to thousands of its chemical components, it seems to be one of the richest and most complex foods found in nature. In its organic state, cacao is a superfood that contains plenty of essential vitamins and minerals with rich intense flavors.

The cacao ceremony is an invitation to reconnect with your body, breathing and parasympathetic system, release patterns from the past, and experience alternative states of being. The ceremony is an opportunity to discover what’s present beyond our thoughts and beyond the familiar and the known, and explore what’s flowing and occurring within, when the consciousness is quiet, the body is alive, and we experience a deeper connection to ourselves.

Three cacao recipes for home use. The recipes were written after 15 years of experience in preparation of cacao for ceremonies designated for individuals, couples and groups of hundreds. 

You are welcome to visit the store page and read more about the qualities and healing properties of cacao.

Are you curious about cacao medicine? Would you like to conduct a group cacao ceremony?
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