Cacao Recipes

Three cacao recipes for home use. The recipes were written after 15 years of experience in preparation of cacao for ceremonies designated for individuals, couples and groups of hundreds

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And on a personal note…

I warmly recommend preparing the cacao via the cooking method, by preparing the broth. This process allows you to experience the potency of this medicine and 'cleanse your tools' to receive its light. It involves a preparation ritual, contact with raw materials, stirring with intention and prayer. You can also sing and play music during the process if it feels right. This preparation process is a kind of ceremony that enables you to arrive at our shared ceremony open, attuned and prepared, and so your intentions and personal journey have greater strength and direction. If you have the option of using organic raw cacao powder, it is preferable. Those who are interested in doing so can pick up a bag of ceremonial cacao powder, free of charge. Collection points will be in Pardes Hana and Tel Aviv. Love, Shachar Caspi

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שלחו הודעה לווטסאפ של שחר כספי
שלחו הודעה לווטסאפ של שחר כספי
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