Vulnerable Leadership Development

Organizational involvement, engagement and creativity enhancement workshop

“…vulnerability will not give you high performance in and of itself. But if you’re already doing the work and performing at a high level, an absence of vulnerability will always stop you from getting to the next level.״ Brené Brown

Leadership in the current era requires knowing how to engage with and touch people. Dealing with political, economic, and social crises during the last few years repeatedly revealed one simple fact – we are all human, we all have fears, worries, anxieties, dreams and desires. We all have family members we worry about, even when we’re at work. The reality of the world we are living in presents a new challenge: the blurring of the personal and professional worlds. Therein lies an opportunity for change – in order to lead organizations today, a more humane, attentive and sensitive leadership is required, one that enables us to bring forth much more of ourselves, and be more present in our teams and tasks.

Vulnerable leadership is one that combines openness, honesty and compassion. It engages and motivates through the human connection within us and in relation with our work partners. It is leadership that leads to effective communication within the organization, deepens and strengthens the connections prevalent within the teams, and creates a trust-based environment. Organizations that encourage vulnerable leadership enjoy greater creativity and motivation, lower burnout rates, and higher employee engagement.

Developing vulnerable leadership increases the organization’s capacities in several parameters:

Target audience:

Executive and team development programs

Workshop needs:

Stereo system, microphone, closed private space

Navigating the leadership of contemporary organizations calls for an approach that is both humane and attentive, fostering a sensitive environment. Such a leadership style empowers employees to fully engage and contribute, enhancing their presence within teams and tasks.

In the workshop, participants discover this form of inspiring leadership. Through experiential activities, we explore the key elements of vulnerability and introduce the concept of “contained vulnerability,” examining its potential within the organizational environment.

Participants engage in both individual and collaborative exercises designed to foster connection and emotional engagement. The workshop’s methodologies, developed by Shahar Caspi, draw inspiration from body-psychotherapy and coaching, aiming at personal and group transformation.

Feedback from a workshop held in Team8 venture capital fund for 120 global leading hi-tech company founders:

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The workshop is facilitated by Shachar Caspi

Founder of Nativ International Facilitator Training, facilitator of leadership & mindfulness seminars and retreats in Israel and abroad. Physical psychotherapist graduate of Hakomi Institute, author of “The Art of Holding Space”, father of Nahar and Rafael, and devoted partner to Arynn.

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