Group Facilitator Mentoring

The mentoring sessions are designated to enable group facilitators to expand their facilitating skills and tools, out of the vast and rich experience Shachar offers in facilitating development workshop spaces. Throughout the sessions, we will work together and characterize challenges and resources present in your facilitation workshop space and from there we will move towards what is most important to you.

A taste of the various topics we can focus on during the sessions:

Workshop preparation

Refining the intention of the workshop you’re creating, and adjusting the exercises towards the intention and emphases for the creation of experience.

Our presence as facilitators

Strengthening the loving presence of the facilitator and dealing with the challenges that arise.

Discovering our superpowers as workshop space facilitators

Together, we will discover your powers, the powers that are unique to you, and learn how we can polish them, whilst discerning between them and the powers that prevent you from working with ease towards what is most important to you.

Structuring the framing stage

We’ll clarify how to make the workshop theme accessible in a professional manner, and harness the participants to surrender to the experience.

Creating the experience stage

We’ll learn how to create a safe space for experiential experimentation which touches upon all four levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We will provide emphasis for facilitation, leading, and processing of the experience time.

Structuring the integration stage

Together, we will think of the closure and summarization of the experience in a manner in which all the split particles can return to the whole, and the participants can “distill” insights from the experience and take these new companions home with them.

Planning a proper strategic funnel for your professional development as a group facilitator

Together, we will structure a plan for your professional development, which includes reference to gradual development within the themes and spaces of the facilitation.

Response to pain that arises in the shared workshop space

Working with trauma in a group, working with resistance in the group, tracking body language and contact statements.

Emotional mentorship

Other than professional guidance, I also provide personal and emotional mentorship for group facilitators, in dealing with personal complexities and challenges that arise with the facilitation.

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