Executives Retreat

Imagine your executive teams coming to life, together, for three days in the desert, undergoing transformative and significant experiences, creating deeper connections, gaining strengths and recharging, listening to fascinating  lectures, and being nourished by great food. Imagine them going back to the office full of energy and a shared creative force. Imagine an Executives Retreat with Shachar…

A retreat is an opportunity to withdraw. From our everyday lives, from the routine commitments and responsibilities, and maybe – even an opportunity to retreat from our unceasing availability on the phone, recurring thought patterns, the need to ‘be’ a certain way.

A retreat is an opportunity for change and renewal. In a retreat, we operate towards withdrawing from our everyday, and giving in to a different presence that enables us to return to who we are, beyond the pressures and roles. It’s an opportunity to rediscover our strengths and resources, our aspirations, dreams and inspiration. A retreat is an opportunity to rediscover the shared Creative Flow through responsible and more sustainable work. 

In the retreat, we stay in outdoor and simple conditions and certain limitations, in order to enable processes of shared relaxation, creation and change. The retreat is composed of several efforts working together throughout the days, in order to facilitate a safe and powerful experience:

To meet with leaders who teach how to create and lead from a connected place.

The collaborative process of offering tools and resources nurtures the emergence and progression of something novel towards a shared objective within a group dynamic characterized by flow and creativity.

At a retreat, we recall the rejuvenating effects of nature: a gentle breeze, the warmth of sunlight, a refreshing dip in a spring, and the serenity of landscape views. Nature serves as a powerful resource for reconnecting with ourselves.

Through breathing exercises, ice baths, and movement, we release tension stored in the body, facilitating a deeper connection to ourselves. Additionally, at the retreat, we explore the practice of NeuroSomatic Deep Relaxation (NSDR), offering a valuable resource for coping with everyday stress.

At the retreat, we engage in intimate and vulnerable interactions with our colleagues, fostering a sense of belonging and brotherhood.

As the retreat concludes, a significant step involves reflecting on how to incorporate the experiences and insights gained into our daily lives. During the integration phase, we carefully process the retreat’s experiences and commit to continuing our journey with intention.

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The workshop is facilitated by Shachar Caspi

Founder of Nativ International Facilitator Training, facilitator of leadership & mindfulness seminars and retreats in Israel and abroad. Physical psychotherapist graduate of Hakomi Institute, author of “The Art of Holding Space”, father of Nahar and Rafael, and devoted partner to Arynn.

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