Group Facilitator Training

I believe each person leading and creating movement in the world also needs a place to process their split parts and the parts that are in need of support, medicine, and integration. I believe that as facilitators of development workshop spaces, we have to be in a constant process of exploration and learning as well. Learning is an inseparable part of the development and growth journey. 

For the past decade I have been providing training and mentoring for group and development workshop facilitators, and during the last few years I founded “Nativ” with the desire to strengthen and expand the community of facilitators learning the art of holding space. You are welcome to get a taste of the teaching through the book I have written, receive guidance for beginner and advanced facilitators, or join Nativ’s annual training course.

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Annual Group Facilitator Training in the Embodiment System

The unique nature of the training program lies in the integration of different approaches from the spiritual, therapy, and development fields. The program was developed according to extensive practical experience in facilitating workshops, courses and ceremonies in Israel and abroad. The training program combines theoretical and practical studies, a personal development group, experiential workshops and guidance with defining your personal approach and direction, to draw out your unique essence.

“When you first enter the room, everyone is seated. Before the first word is said you know who’s contracted, who’s open, who’s scared, who’s excited, who’s resisting, who’s closed… The body language tells you the truth. The body movements allow you to notice what is going on inside the storyteller. Beyond the story told in words.”  – Shachar Caspi

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שלחו הודעה לווטסאפ של שחר כספי
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