Shachar Caspi

The Art of Holding Space

“Truth is rooted in experience, not in knowledge”

Shachar Caspi

I am Shachar Caspi, and I invite you on a journey of development and transformation through experiential experience, attentive to our body. 

The quality I bring to every meeting or session, whether it be couples therapy, a workshop in an organization, or a group facilitator course – is holding the space. I teach people how to hold a safe, honest and brave space for themselves and for all other relationships in their lives. 


I offer my teaching to different and diverse groups – from business teams and organizations that want to bring the language of connected and attentive leadership into their everyday lives, to therapists and group facilitators who wish to strengthen their facilitating abilities in the field of embodiment, groups that want to experience tribal ceremonies, as well as couples that wish to enhance the communication and openness in their relationship.

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Workshops for Organizations

Exposure to the inspiring form of leadership. 

We will learn about the components of vulnerability through meaningful experiential experience, and explore the possibility of leadership in an organization on the basis of contained vulnerability. The teams will experiment with individual and interpersonal exercises, which focus on developing connection and emotional engagement.

Workshops for Organizations

In this workshop we learn which emotional burnout states operate within us, and learn to find the emotional resources we have at our disposal, accordingly. We will focus on locating the burnout focal points and responding to them, with the use of tools taught by Shachar.

Workshops for Organizations

A retreat is an opportunity for change and renewal. In a retreat, we operate towards withdrawing from our everyday life, and giving in to a different presence that enables us to return to who we are beyond the pressures and roles. It’s an opportunity to rediscover our strengths and resources, our aspirations, dreams and inspiration.

The unique nature of the training program lies in the integration of different approaches from the spiritual, therapy, and development fields. The program was developed according to extensive practical experience in facilitating workshops, courses and ceremonies in Israel and abroad. The training program combines theoretical and practical studies, a personal development group, experiential workshops and guidance with defining your personal approach and direction, to draw out your unique essence.

It turns out that after a certain amount of time in a couple’s relationship, our very human systems choose love, stability and security over passion and adventurousness which oftentimes creates strains on the resources within the relationship, because when we don’t nourish and nurture our relationship with the energy of passion – the embers begin to die out. In the couples workshop, we focus on how to awaken the passion in the relationship, and discover what is the most beneficial environment to keep the passion alive and burning.

Cacao medicine is very dear to my heart, that is why I import and sell organic raw cacao from Peru on my website, the same cacao I myself use in cacao ceremonies I facilitate in Israel and abroad. In Greek, cacao is called Theobroma – food of the Gods, and due to thousands of its chemical components, it seems to be one of the richest and most complex foods found in nature. In its organic state, cacao is a superfood that contains plenty of essential vitamins and minerals with rich intense flavors.

The book accompanying the annual Nativ Group Facilitator Training Course – is now available to the general public!!

“The Art of Holding Space” was created from an in-depth exploration journey of group facilitation and development workshop space-holding in Israel and abroad. Throughout the years, I learned how to listen to the workshop space and provide the participants with a safe playing field for significant change in their lives. In this journey, I place emphasis on somatic development which creates transformation in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Interviews and podcasts with Shachar Caspi

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