Relationship therapy

A relationship is fertile ground for change and transformation – both personal and within the relationship. However, oftentimes we bring into the relationship (even without noticing), everything we haven’t “solved” in our initial relationships in life (parents, siblings). Coming in contact with our “open wound”, can raise conflicts and tensions in our relationship’s day to day. Observing the emotional dialogue in our relationship, identifying hindering dynamics, finding relationship resources – all these can lead us to discovery and healing within our relationship with our partner, and the one we have with ourselves.

The therapy sessions are a roadside stop, an opportunity to dust yourself off and then continue with a shared and more loving step.

A unique opportunity to bring the following into your relationship:

Shahar Caspi studio photo

The relationship therapy is facilitated by Shachar Caspi

Founder of Nativ International Facilitator Training, facilitator of leadership & mindfulness seminars and retreats in Israel and abroad. Physical psychotherapist graduate of Hakomi Institute, author of “The Art of Holding Space”, father of Nahar and Rafael, and devoted partner to Arynn.

The meetings are held via zoom

Feel like the relationship is stuck ? Do you want to receive guidance with your relationship?

lease leave your details, and we'll reach out to coordinate an initial meeting with Shahar

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