Resource Development

Workshop focusing on locating the burnout focal points and responding to them within the organization

More and more research from the business management and psychology fields are indicating a lack of resources as one of the prophetic factors for work burnout or micro-burnout. It turns out that this is not only in relation to material resources such as salary or project budget, but more holistic resources related to a work environment that promotes wellbeing and brings this discourse to the forefront of the organization. 


Companies and organizations understand that they must provide their employees with the right tools for finding resources prior to burnout or resignation. This is where we enter the picture, to teach the tools that not only prevent burnout but provide new energy for creation.

Insights from the therapeutic research fields (Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing Theory), reveal the ability to recharge and receive resources from one of the most available factors we have - our body. The same body that knows how to experience anxiety and depression which make functioning so difficult, can also be a safe resource for relaxation and renewal.

When our people are in a safer and calmer environment, their ability to connect to the work environment, team, and task grows. For this reason, the workshop and processing that follows can be a significant resource for organizational connectivity and preservation of the human assets in the organization.

Target audience:

Executive and team development programs

Workshop needs:

Stereo system, microphone, closed private space

Workshop Teaching

In the Resource Development Workshop we learn which emotional burnout states operate within us, and learn to find the emotional resources we have at our disposal, accordingly, and how they can create an immediate change within us. We will focus on locating the burnout focal points and responding to them, with the use of tools taught by Shachar.

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The workshop is facilitated by Shachar Caspi

Founder of Nativ International Facilitator Training, facilitator of leadership & mindfulness seminars and retreats in Israel and abroad. Physical psychotherapist graduate of Hakomi Institute, author of “The Art of Holding Space”, father of Nahar and Rafael, and devoted partner to Arynn.

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