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Passion as a Resource in the Relationship

It turns out that after a certain amount of time in a couple’s relationship, our very human systems choose love, stability and security over passion and adventurousness, which oftentimes creates strains on the resources within the relationship, because when we don’t nourish and nurture our relationship with the energy of passion – the embers begin to die out. In the couples workshop, we focus on how to awaken the passion in the relationship, and discover what is the most beneficial environment to keep the passion alive and burning.

Do you want to rekindle the fire of passion? Learn new techniques for reigniting the fire?

There are many ways to ignite passion!

Throughout the workshop we will learn about maintaining the fire in our relationship – the passion. We will explore our personal pleasure spaces (what feels good? What enables my relaxation and calmness? What brings me to life?) alongside an experiential session with the partner, which enables contemplation, insight and communication of our desires and boundaries. The workshop is an invitation to “step out of the routine” or even slightly shake the relationship routine. The exploration in the workshop includes developing self-humor and flexibility, playfulness, imagination and a loving presence, in order to bring about renewal and growth in the relationship. 

Throughout the couples workshop we will focus on several passion “kindling” spaces, which we will practice during the workshop:

(and there’s homework, too)

At times, barriers to passion arise from anger, insults, and lingering unpleasant memories. In our workshop, we delve into creating connection through active listening, compassion, and tenderness within the media space. We explore how conflicts can serve as a foundation for intimacy and shared experiences of marital challenges. We prioritize understanding each other’s desires and addressing boundaries within the relationship. Learning to navigate and make space for unpleasant emotions while staying aligned with our intentions and desire to nurture the relationship is a key focus.

Somatic resources, encompassing both physical and emotional aspects, are vital for fostering vitality, energy, joy, and resilience within relationships. They serve as the foundation for overcoming any challenge together. In this space, couples embark on a collaborative journey to explore and rediscover their marital resources. Tailored to each couple’s unique dynamic, the workshop delves into aspects such as complimenting, loving, being loved, and nurturing each other. Many couples I work with find themselves at a stage where their children are growing up, prompting a renewed search for connection after years focused on raising a family. In such cases, the resource space serves as a valuable tool for uncovering and revitalizing dormant resources. Guided by expert facilitation and enriched by shared experiences, the workshop facilitates a return to a natural and authentic connection that replenishes the resource reservoirs and enables the practice of connection modes.

Rituals provide a means to celebrate changes and transitions within relationships. Just as we mark milestones like birthdays or celebrate achievements like landing a new job, our relationships also thirst for love, energy, and support as a separate entity in themselves. In this setting, we explore rituals as symbols of transitions and renewals within the relationship context. Through ceremonial practices, we delve into acknowledging separations and crises, and rediscovering our inner artist to guide us through changes in listening, creativity, connection, and courage.

To sustain passion in the relationship, we must understand when the fire requires more fuel and when it needs security and stability. In this workshop, we explore how creative thinking and adaptable positioning can create optimal conditions for igniting passion. Becoming a ‘fire keeper’ involves awakening dormant aspects within the relationship.

In this setting, we focus on cultivating an environment of closeness, vulnerability, and intimacy, which can serve as a gateway and resource in navigating conflicts.

Finally, our workshop includes a space dedicated to pure enjoyment and fun. We believe that the journey to passion is paved with laughter, joy, and pleasure, all of which you’ll experience abundantly during the workshop! Through dancing, revelry, and celebrating life with a new zest, accompanied by delicious food and hearty laughter, we create memorable moments.

Who is the workshop for?

Do you want to rekindle the fire of passion? Learn new techniques for reigniting the fire?

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