Ten Keys for an Open Relationship

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How to establish shared and beneficent movement within the relationship in the world of open relationships?

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How do I place the current relationship in relation to my new relationship? What if my partner gets hurt? What do I do in order to re-prioritize my primary relationship? Which resources can be used for discovery and exploration? What do I do when my partner is with somebody else? How can we feel secure in the relationship without demanding exclusivity or control?

An open relationship is another gateway for development and transformation in the relationship. An open relationship has many good qualities and brings about many opportunities, alongside many common “landmines” and challenges – which will be discussed during the course. The course refers to the challenges that arise with the opening of the relationship and provides keys for breaking through the challenges that appear along the way. The course was created from and is presented with a great deal of experience Shachar has encountered and experienced as a couples therapist, for those entering through the gates of the open relationship. The insights shared throughout the course are part of the common challenges faced by the majority of the couples.

The course lessons deal with tensions and balances prevalent at the center of the couple’s relationship in relation to the open relationship – transitioning from placation to willingness, from control to vulnerability, from experiencing a sense of failure or success to a state of thinking in terms of experimentation and erring. Finally, the objective of the course is to guide you towards a relationship which is supportive of love, pleasure, freedom, passion and growth.

The course includes relationship exercises designated to be practiced at home. They will be beneficial in packing the teachings into your relationship toolbox. The tools taught in the course originate from the non-violent communication and physical psychotherapy fields.

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hy is it challenging for us to practice forgiveness towards ourselves or our partners when mistakes occur?

In new and intricate fields where we lack experience, making mistakes is inevitable. Why does this happen?

What unexpected and impactful aspects emerge in the realm of open relationships?

The two prominent dynamics in the marital structure within open relationships are the desire for security and the desire for freedom.

How can both of these needs be addressed effectively?

How can we transition from individual withdrawal to genuine connection within the couple?

How does transparency contribute to building trust within a relationship?

What elements are essential for practicing transparency within a marital relationship?

What considerations should be made before initiating open sharing?

Distinguishing between the genuine desire within oneself and desires rooted in fear or past patterns is crucial.

How can one discern what aligns with their authentic self in the realm of open relationships?

What steps can one take to avoid settling for mere satisfaction?

What does true freedom entail?

How do we distinguish between freedom and impulsiveness?

What steps can I take to cultivate genuine freedom in my life?

What unfolds when we embark on a new relationship?

What key aspects should we be mindful of during the initial stages of falling in love?

How can we navigate the dynamics between our existing relationship and the newly formed one?

How can we establish a secure environment to process our experiences?

What obstacles might arise during the exploration of open marriage?

What defines a resource and how can it be utilized effectively?

In the realm of open relationships, challenges and storms are inevitable, requiring strength and vitality to navigate. How can one access these resources?

What steps can be taken to ensure resources are readily available when needed?

What occurs when we attempt to address emotional challenges?

During moments of emotional activation, our automatic defense mechanisms often hijack our communication abilities, hindering effective connection with our partner. How can we refrain from controlling our partner’s reality during these times?

How do we tap into our vulnerability and communicate authentically from that space?

Why is vulnerability a pathway to fostering genuine connection that nurtures the relationship?

We often overlook the transient nature of life, leading us to act on fleeting impulses and overlook our deepest desires.

When is it appropriate to pursue freedom, and when should we focus on nurturing our relationship?

How can we navigate a healthy balance within our marital relationship, fostering security, love, and pleasure?

The course caters to couples seeking to venture into open relationships, providing them with practical tools to navigate the challenges and opportunities inherent in this lifestyle. Additionally, it’s beneficial for couples already exploring open relationships who wish to expand their toolkit further.

The course comprises ten concise lessons, each focusing on a key aspect. At the end of each lesson, paired exercises are provided for homework.

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