Group Facilitator Professional Guidebook | The Art of Holding Space

The knowledge in the book is derived from the annual group facilitator course, and is divided into three stages: 


  • Stage ABasic Facilitation. Designated for beginner group facilitators in their first stages. This is where we focus on workshop facilitation models and basic tools for creating a connection with the participants, resourcing (derived from “resource”) the group and creating “anchors” to create a sense of belonging. 
  • Stage B – Advanced Facilitation. Designated for group facilitators walking the path for several years, who now wish to acquire new tools that enable unique depths of transformation. During this stage we will learn how to work with resistance and trauma in the group workshop space. We’ll experience the importance of internalizing “vulnerability” for both facilitator and participants, and discover how and why “vibration” is more significant than “utterance” in the spaces we create.
  • Stage C – Creativity and Manifestation. Focuses on the ability to create a ceremony and on learning the ceremonial space. Understanding healthy marketing principles, and learning how to derive experiences from the present moment (“experiential wisdom”).


Set in between the transformative tools taught in the book, are touching stories related to the experiences Shachar went through, which helped mold him as a group facilitator, and are the narrative background to the practical tools. 


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שלחו הודעה לווטסאפ של שחר כספי
שלחו הודעה לווטסאפ של שחר כספי
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